Integration in Altona 93

Full of tradition Altonaer Fußball-Club von 1893 e.V. (AFC) has more than 1.200 members organised in different categories.
The AFC is always aiming to be among the people of the district and cooperates with unions, organisations, schools and facilities within this range.
The comprehension into club activities of all people and groupings is the basis for fertile and collective cooperation.
In this context, the club has been dealing, in particular, with the subject of integration.
The club maintains integrative cooperations with facilities within the district and tries to satisfy all people that are interested in club activities.
Essential divisions within the club that are dealing with integration are briefly drafted below:

Commissioner of integration at Altona 93 (Wladimir Bondarenko)

The Altonaer Fußball-Club von 1893 e.V. is very contented of winning over Wladimir Bondarenko for the charge of commissioner of integration who has been holding it, since 01-01-2012.
Wladimir trains a junior team and, regarding to integration, takes care of trips to foreign countries, integrative events and all matters to the subject „Altona 93 as a 'Stützpunktverein' regarding integration“ - i.e. the club acts as a column for the programme „Integration durch Sport (integration through sports)“, established  as a nationwide initiative by the „Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund (DOSB)“.

Altona 93 as a recognised „Stützpunktverein“

Since 2014, we, as the club,  can call ourselves „Stützpunktverein Integration“, officially and are authorised to wear the official seal „Anerkannter Stützpunktverein 2014“.
Sports clubs that get involved within the scope of the programme „Integration durch Sport (integration through sports)“ with integration work in particular, can call themselves „Stützpunktverein Integration“.
They are of an essential significance for the programme implementation of the „Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund“ (DOSB), because they ensure a constant, long-term and continuous field work and, furthermore, create and promote integration structures involving the organised sports.

Integration of disabled persons

Altona 93 cooperates with „Via Allstars“ and the „Auf Achse“-project of the learning workshop Friesenweg and integrates disabled persons into club activities.
The „Auf Achse“-project is meanwhile award-winning and won the „DHG-Preis“ of the „Deutsche Heilpädagogische Gesellschaft e.V.“ in 2013.

International exchange

There have been already numerous tours and trips in the past.
Our commissioner of integration, Wladimir Bondarenko, intensified the existing contacts and currently organises increasingly international trips, where children, adolescents and adults from different countries can meet, get to know each other and compare notes.

Integration festivity: the mini world cup

Altona 93's  youth department hosted in 2014 a mini world cup for the youngest kickers as an internal integration festivity, for the first time.
All teams, girls and boys, from „G-Jugend“ (age-group 2007) to „E-Jugend“ (age-group 2003), participated in this „world cup“, at which every team represented a participating country in this competition.
The trainers, parents, carers and kickers had to deal with their countries in particular and, for example, served typical, local food.